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Jaco Labuschagne recording his Songsmiths audition in The Cooler recording studio

Jaco Labuschagne is First to Record His Songsmiths Audition In-Studio

I recorded Jaco and his guitar with a single mic. No worrying about bleed and phase-cancellation. I did worry that I wouldn’t get the right balance between the voice and the guitar. Can’t do much to change that once it’s recorded. Well done, good luck and thanks for coming through,[…]

National Incident Records Live at the Cooler

New Band on the Block National Incident is a dynamic new Joburg-based rock band whose music is sprinkled with elements of funk, reggae and pop. The band is composed of two guitarists (one of whom sings lead), a drummer and a bassist and they recently recorded their new song live at[…]

rob luce - mixing engineer - at the mixing desk

How To Prepare a Song For Mixing

If you want to your music to sound world class, you should have it mixed by a professional mixing engineer. He or she can bring a lot to your song both musically and sonically. Sonically because they have trained ears, lots of experience and good plug-ins. Musically because they can[…]