In Studio – Music

In Studio – Music

Sihle Mente - Garden of Eden - Afro Soul

Garden of Eden by Sihle Mente

Sihle wants to say Happy Valentine’s Day to South Africa by giving away his inspiring new track “Garden of Eden”. If you like the track, download it, share it with your friends! Connect with Sihle on Facebook.

Gun (Welcome to Johannesburg)

One of my own creations and possibly the first song I recorded in The Cooler (can’t remember). Just remixed and remastered it. Enjoy the journey into the brain of a paranoid Joburger.

Al from Stray Natives in the recording studio

Preparing Your Band for the Recording Studio Part 2

So you have arranged and rehearsed your songs until you can all play your parts backwards and in perfect time with feeling while standing in a freezer. Time to head into the studio. But first… You, drummer, get some new sticks and heads. A full set of heads is pretty expensive,[…]